Blogger’s Table

Blogger’s Table

One of the most popular way of online promotions is through Social Media Influencers or Bloggers or Instagrammers.

In short span of a year The Digital socialite has been able to build up a good reputation in this service as well. we are  not only maintainig cordial relations with social media influencers but are also helping them reach correct brands.In addition, we have also been able to maintain not only complete database of Bloggers in different Cities but also who are good in different forte to help the brands choose exact profile they need.

There are different ways to do promotions through bloggers, out of which we have recently arranged Bloggers Table at different Restaurant giving them reach of more than 10,000 organic people in one day.

Bloggers Table at Inbox Cafe


Bloggers Table at Chaska Restro & Lounge


Bloggers Table at Ambrosia


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